Let’s have a chat about everyone’s favorite product: Retinol.  Using a good retinol cream will diminish wrinkles, fine lines and also stimulate collagen production. Basically it’s your new best friend that is always going to have your back.  Everyone can benefit from using retinol, but it can be very dehydrating for your skin, so proper moisturizing is crucial.    If you have never used a retinol product before, then I recommend gradually introducing it into your skincare regimen, perhaps only one time weekly, and prep your skin with a topical moisturizer before applying the retinoid.

Lastly I don’t recommend retinol to anybody who doesn’t take sun safety seriously.  It is so important to wear sunscreen every day especially when you are using this product.  My favorite dynamic duo is the SkinCeuticals B5 gel followed by the SkinCeuticals 1% Retinol cream.  This is the highest concentration of pure retinol that you can get with out a prescription, but if this is your first time purchasing this product, I would start with the SkinCeuticals .5% Retinol.

If you have any questions, I always recommend getting a facial from Helen because I am just a product junkie but she is the *true* professional!





Both of these products are available @ Blow