Long hair. A feat attempted by many but achieved by few. How do we get there? How can we achieve Rapunzel-like locks without wispy, wimpy looking ends?

Enter Kerastase Extensioniste!

I know what you are thinking because I myself have fallen victim to every vitamin, or Kardashian endorsed gummy bear, or whatever new pyramid scheme your mother-in-law from East Texas is hawking. So when our adorable Kerastase consultant introduced us to this new line, I rolled my eyes and knew, just like another season of The Bachelor, there is so much promise and just so little to get excited about.  Wait though, could it be? This new Kerastase line is a TOTAL. GAME. CHANGER. It is a beautiful-smelling, luxuriously-lathering godsend for ladies who want *good hair*.  I mean like the hair Beyonce writes songs about.

Here is the breakdown:  This is a 3-part system with one specialized treatment that your stylist can add on during any service. Your take home will consist of a new shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum. Not too difficult right? This line can be used by anyone, it is not too heavy at all, and if you use all 3 products you will see a difference in split ends, breakage and shine within 90 days.  Thats a shorter commitment than Kim K’s first marriage!  I also have some sample packs available so be sure to ask your Blow stylist to hook you up, be sure to give me a good hair flip when you buy it!  You’re welcome.