You know the feeling.  You get home after an amazing blowout and then 2 days later when you finally wash it (OMG YOU CAN GO 3 DAYS?!  YOU LUCKY B.)  you are staring at yourself in the mirror just wishing you could recreate those beautiful waves, or the bounce that Kyle magically bestowed upon you with his round brush.  It sucks, we make it look easy I know, but we are professionals and truthfully that is what you pay us the big bucks for!   All jokes aside I have compiled a list of my favorite tools that I have personally tested and they all get my stamp of approval.  You know my standards, unlike my height are HIGH.  Also, most of these are available at Target, and also Amazon so you can shop online while ignoring your husband and children.  Don’t forget the wine!

Kristen Ess 1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron 

Kristen Ess is amazing.  She is a professional hairstylist out of LA and is so much fun to follow on Instagram @kristen_ess .  Recently she launched a line of styling tools at Target, and your girl is OBSESSED.  First of all it is all gorgeous, but also very functional.  I also love that all of her products come with instructions on how to use them,  and she has tons of tutorials on her website.  Check it out, you won’t be sorry!

GHD Classic Styler Flat Iron

This flat iron has a professional cult following and for good reason.  These super slick ceramic plates glide effortlessly through your hair without creating crease marks or pulling on your strands.  The sides of this iron are also rounded so you could actually curl your hair with this tool too!  If you need a tutorial on this technique, ask Briley at Blow.  She’s a total pro!



Rusk CTC Lite 1900 Watt Dryer

Rusk should actually pay me royalties for how many of these hairdryers I have sold.  First of all I use this exact blow dryer on my own hair at home and if it is good enough for my picky little self, then I assure you it is good enough for you!  I also LOVE my Dyson Pro dryer that I use behind my chair, but you know, its very expensive, and I’d rather buy Kerastase and not eat Ramen so there you go.



Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brush 

This is just a cream of the crop, good old fashioned, Texas beauty queen blowout round brush.  It comes in all different sizes but since my hair is long and think, I prefer the 2 1/8in.


Kristen Ess Do-It-All Sectioning Clips

The key to a good blowout is SECTIONING YOUR HAIR.  OMG BECKY YOU CANNOT JUST DRY IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME ARE YOU INSANE?!?!  Ok, now you know my pet peeve.  Be kind to your hair, take smaller sections and I assure you it will be so much better ok??  Trust me, I am an expert.