There is no better way to set up for a successful week than to reflect and take care of yourself. Sundays are a perfect day to steal a little time away from your overbearing children, annoying boss, or the group text from your college buddies who never seem to shut up. This does not have to be an all day ritual, in fact here are some simple yet effective ways to treat yo’ self all under 30 minutes or less:


  • Wash your makeup brushes

We all know beautiful skin is the secret to flawless makeup, and I know you know that BeautyBlender you got 5 months ago is supposed to be cleaned once a month. Don’t waste your money on an expensive makeup brush cleaner, I use baby shampoo and a simple tool from Amazon and it does the trick!

Brush Mat at



  • Apply a hair or skin masque

Speaking of beautiful skin there are SO many options now for getting a glow on the go, although a facial from Helen is a MUST HAVE (when you have time obvs, you do you girl). Grab a glass of wine and a sheet mask!  If you are looking for luxury and hydration, try the SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque. If you are looking for more of a deep cleansing masque, try the GlamGlow BubbleSheet available at Sephora, I am also a  huge fan of the Sephora brand masques for your lips.

SkinCeuticals Sheet Mask(Available @ Blow)GlamGlow BubblesheetLip Mask



For your hair, why not have your stylist customize a box of your favorite Kerastase treatments?  They are so easy to use and you cannot do them frequently enough (you will see the benefits for about 10 shampoos).  My favorite combination for myself is the Fusio Dose Strengthening base with a Discipline Smoothing Booster on top to fight the humidity. Ask your stylist which ones you could benefit most from, OR bust out that Kerastase Masque y’all! All of the masques are light enough to use every day but if you want to be very extra, you can do like I do and use your everyday masque just like normal, but then pick up an alternative one just to do every once in a while. My personal fav is the Chronologiste, it smells so sexy and will boost your hair confidence to Kate Middleton level.

*All of these are availiable @ Blow


  • READ

When was the last time you curled up with a good book? Honestly, I believe a lot of our societal problems could be fixed (or at least better understood) if more people just read a little bit. I’m not talking War and Peace here, but I am aiming just a little higher than 50 Shades of Gray.

Actually, I honestly don’t even care. If you can take a little time to read A N Y T H I N G you will just feel better. My personal favorite this month is “Crazy Rich Asians”. It’s light and makes me laugh out loud. Stay tuned for updates on what books your fav Blow person is reading for the Blow Book Club.

Wine not included.